Can I use my Macbook Air as a phone? (2023)

Can I use my MacBook Air to make phone calls?

When you want to make or receive a phone call, you don't have to reach for your iPhone—you can use your Mac. When someone calls you, a notification appears on your Mac and you can take the call—and even use Real-Time Text (RTT) for your phone calls, if your carrier supports it. See FaceTime phone call requirements.

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Is MacBook Air enough for office work?

The best Mac laptop for most people is the 13-inch MacBook Air with Apple's M1 processor. It's more than fast enough for browsing, working on documents, and making light photo and video edits, and it has an excellent high-resolution screen, a great trackpad, a totally silent fanless design, and a reasonable price.

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What are the limitations of a MacBook Air?

8 Big Disadvantages to Buying a MacBook
  1. Poor Gaming.
  2. A Lack of Ports. ...
  3. Webcam Quality. ...
  4. Limited Storage Options. ...
  5. Limited Hardware Upgrades. ...
  6. Apple Silicon Macs Can't Run Windows. ...
  7. Software Support. ...
  8. Price. MacBooks have amazing features, but as with most Apple products, they can be overpriced. ...
2 Jun 2022

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Is it worth getting an iPhone if you have a MacBook?

The advantage of the iPhone and Mac combo is that it makes everything easier. Technology is at its best when it gets out of the way and lets you be more productive, concentrating only on getting things done instead of figuring out how to get things done — and that's where the Apple ecosystem excels.

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Is MacBook Air good for call of Duty?

Despite Mac not being a compatible game machine and specific COD gameplay requirements, you can still play it on Mac. Though, you have to take a bit of a long route as COD minimum operating system requirements are Windows 7 64-Bit (SP1) or Windows 10 64-Bit.

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What should you not do with a MacBook?

Do not place your MacBook on a pillow or other soft material when it's powered on, as the material can block the airflow vents (in particular, the rear vents) and cause the computer to overheat. Never place anything over your keyboard when operating in closed-lid (clamshell) mode.

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How do I allow my Mac to make phone calls?

If you're asked, turn on Wi-Fi Calling. On your Mac: Open FaceTime, choose FaceTime > Preferences > Settings, then select Calls from iPhone. If an Upgrade to Wi-Fi Calling button appears, click it, then follow the instructions.

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Why can't I make phone calls on my Mac?

How to make phone calls on Mac. Before trying to place a call, make sure “Calls on Other Devices” is enabled. On your iPhone, head to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices and make sure your Mac is toggled on. You will need to be using the same iCloud account on your Mac and iPhone.

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Is it worth buying a MacBook Air 2022?

Verdict. If you are a die-hard fan of Apple products, there is no reason not to buy the new model. However, if you are looking to make a smart purchase, the M1 MacBook Air will do a great job and will last a few more years before becoming outdated. It will also save you a couple of hundred dollars.

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What is MacBook Air good for?

The new MacBook Air is a success on virtually every level. It's got a better screen, thinner and lighter design, better speakers, a much-improved webcam, an excellent keyboard and trackpad, more convenient charging, and excellent build quality.

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What are MacBook Airs used for?

Your MacBook Air comes with apps for most everything you want to do. Edit and share your photos and videos, create presentations, and enjoy music, books, movies, and more. Discover new apps in the App Store, including iPhone and iPad apps that now run on your Mac with Apple silicon.

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Why are MacBook Air not allowed in flights?

The reason is simple – in case there is an issue with a battery pack on board, the airline staff is well equipped to deal with it and contain a faulty battery. That's why all airlines now carry electronic fire containment bags. Inside your check-in luggage, in the hold of the aircraft, there is no easy access.

Can I use my Macbook Air as a phone? (2023)
What year MacBook Air is obsolete?

Obsolete MacBook Air models:

MacBook Air (Late 2008) [Model: A1304 EMC 2253] MacBook Air (Mid 2009) [Model: A1304 EMC 2334]

Can MacBook Air run all day?

And even with a larger display and increased performance, MacBook Air delivers the same great, all-day battery life as before, with up to 18 hours of video playback.

Is iPhone more powerful than MacBook?

The latest official benchmarks from Geekbench (which we first saw via AppleInsider) are in, and the results show that Apple's A11 Bionic system on a chip — or SoC — is more powerful than this year's MacBook Pro models. The A11 Bionic SoC powers the newly announced iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

How does iPhone work with MacBook Air?

With Instant Hotspot, your Mac can remotely activate the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone when they are near each other. Simply select your iPhone from the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac and you'll be online in seconds. You can even leave your iPhone in your pocket or bag.

Is Mac safer than iPhone?

Apple has said that Mac is intrinsically less secure than the iPhone and iPad, but there's quite a bit you can do to shore up your digital defenses on macOS. Here are some good places to start.

Is the MacBook Air a touch screen?

The MacBook Air does not have a touch screen feature. Apple may release a new MacBook model with a touch screen feature in the future, but as of right now, none of their MacBook models have this feature.

Can I install Windows 10 on a Mac?

You can enjoy Windows 10 on your Apple Mac with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. Once installed, it allows you to easily switch between macOS and Windows by simply restarting your Mac. For details and installation steps, follow the instructions at

Is MacBook Air good for students?

There's something for everyone in Apple's current MacBook lineup, whether for middle school, high school, college, or university. Whether the powerful MacBook Pro or hyper-portable MacBook Air, Apple's laptops will power you through any task, you'll meet. The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) is the best MacBook for students.

What should I do when I first get my MacBook Air?

MacBook Air Essentials
  1. Set up your Mac.
  2. Apple ID.
  3. Find your way around. Desktop, menu bar, and Help. Finder. The Dock. Notification Center. Control Center. System Settings. Spotlight. Siri.
  4. Window management on your Mac.
  5. Display settings.
  6. Transfer your data.
  7. Back up and restore.
  8. Accessibility.

Do Macs get viruses easily?

While it's true Macs are more secure than PCs, they're still vulnerable to viruses, and they always have been. By design, the Mac operating system is more secure against the threat of viruses and malware, but there are still plenty of ways for malware to find its way in.

Are Macs easily hacked?

Do Macs get hacked? It may be rare when compared to Windows, but yes, there have been cases where Macs have been accessed by hackers.

Can you make a phone call from your computer?

To make a call on your PC: Open the Phone Link app and select Calls. In the Search your contacts box, search for a contact name or number. Alternately, you can directly enter a phone number on the dial pad.

Can a MacBook Air last 10 years?

The OS released in 2029 would receive support from Apple until 2032, and most third-party tools that worked on the final version of the OS would be supported until at least 2035. This means that in general, you can expect at least 10 solid years of life from a Mac, barring any unforeseen hardware issues.

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