What phone does BTS promote? (2023)

Which phone does BTS members use?

This isn't the first time BTS has teamed up with Samsung and the pop phenoms. The group released their own BTS versions of Samsung's Galaxy S20 Plus phone, and the Galaxy Buds Plus earphones, earlier this summer.

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Which phone does BTS use 2022?

On August 10, Samsung Electronics held the Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2022 event and introduced the next-generation foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip4. Dressed in a pink and purple jacket with neatly done hair, BTS V can be seen holding the new version of the phone.

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Which phone does BTS V use?

BTS has partnered with Samsung as the brand's official global endorsement ambassadors since February 2020. Given the title, 'Advertising Blue Chip,' by Korean media for his impact on brands, Kim Taehyung, aka V, proved his brand prowess as he showcased the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Which phone does BTS Jimin have?

One new fan, in particular, was planning on buying a phone in two weeks, but after coming across Jimin recently, and got to see the product he was promoting, plans changed, and he decided to buy the #GalaxyZFlip immediately.

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Do BTS use iPhone?

iPhone owns the members' hearts, and everyone knows it. As brand ambassadors, BTS's members are supposed to promote Samsung Galaxy, but they have been caught cheating on their phones

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Which phone does RM use?

BTS's RM gained attention with a selfie featuring his new Thom Browne edition Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone. The update was posted to BTS's team social media accounts and shows RM's new phone.

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Why do BTS use Samsung?

BTS have a highly visible partnership with Samsung and prominently feature its latest Galaxy Z Flip phone in music videos and other promoted posts on members' social media pages and those for the group.

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Is BTS using Samsung?

Samsung sponsored augmented reality portions of CONNECT BTS and BTS also appeared in Samsung advertising. That partnership also brought a noticeable change to their cell phones. Yes, even though many of the members were longtime iPhone users, as of now, all of the members own Samsung phone models.

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What phone do kpop idols use?

The most common phone K-pop idols have are the IPhone 11 Pro and/or IPhone 11 Pro Max. Though, there's been idols who've owned phones lower than the Pro and Pro Max such as; J-Hope from BTS (IPhone XS)

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What phone is Jin using?

5 fashion tech gadgets to buy now: from BTS member Jin's favourite Samsung x Thom Browne Z Flip 3 phone, to Bang & Olufsen's otherworldly Beolab speakers.

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Which tablet does BTS use?

Digital artist draws BTS using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and the included S Pen - comments.

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What are V phones?

A V in your caller ID refers to a number from a telemarketing company. It is likely this call is Spam. It will appear similar to this in your call logs*:

What phone does BTS promote? (2023)
What does Jimin's 13 tattoo mean?

13- Jimin has a '13' tattoo on his wrist. Fans saw the tattoo during a 2020 live stream of the singer. The date has two meanings- It is Jimin birthday (13 October) and also BTS' debut date (13 June, 2013).

What do BTS members call Jungkook?

Short for Jungkook is Kook or Kookie. BTS and ARMYs call him that in an endearing manner. You will often find the members calling him Jungkookie. “Geun-yook-to-kki” in Korean, roughly translates to Muscle Bunny.

What is Park Jimin's car?

BTS singer and dancer Jimin is not a car fanatic. He has expressed the same in many media interactions. He even said that he got a driving license just for the sake of it. However, just like Jin, he owns a Porsche Panamera GTS worth $179,800.

What messaging app does BTS use?

The youngest of the members of BTS, Jungkook, surprised all ARMY, after it was revealed that he uses WhatsApp and even his number was also revealed. All because J-Hope shared a photo of his birthday messages, which came through Kakao Talk, a messaging service in South Korea.

What Samsung phone is BTS promoting?

Samsung and the K-pop group BTS came together again for Unpacked 2022 to promote the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable phone.

Do Koreans Use iPhone?

In fact, most South Koreans prefer Samsung smartphones for personal use, followed by LG and Apple respectively. Although Apple has been gaining traction in this market, a recent survey showed a decrease in the usage of Apple's iOS among South Korean smartphone users. What does the future look like?

What phone does Momo use?

Her phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9; she also owns an Apple iPhone XR (Red and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10).

What phone does Blackpink Jennie use?

Blackpink Jennie iPhone 13 pro Sierra blue. Red velvet iPhone 13 Pro Max Sierra Blue.

Which phone does South Korea use?

Korea Model Share
1Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G12%
2Apple iPhone 13 Pro11%
3Samsung Galaxy A3210%
4Samsung Galaxy S21 5G10%
1 more row
Jun 22, 2022

Will there be a new BTS phone?

Samsung and the K-pop group BTS came together again for Unpacked 2022 to promote the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable phone. There are no unboxing videos featuring BTS and the new foldable phone this time.

What phone does blackpink use 2022?

Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink Edition is about the fans.

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